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Network Security

We take network security as our top priority as we understand the consequence of having an unsecured infrastructure. We can provide proven solutions fit for your business. 


Every business no matter the size face the same resposibility - defent it's network and keep it secure from random attacks, malware, and viruses.


Malicious viruses can attack the lifeblood of your business, at the best locking you out of your systems for a couple days, or at worse, permanently locking you out of your entire enterprise.


Vardent Technologies shields your business by following proven IT strategies using a multi-layered approach that includes next generation firewalls, anti-virus software, email spam filtering, implementing password policies, locking inactive computers, mobile device management, video surveillance, and regularly scheduled backups.


Network Audit is one of the services provided by Vardent. This service is  used to find any valnabilities on networks and implement solutions to safeguard it 24 hours a day. 


We beleive it's better to have a proactive approach than a reactive one when it concerns securing your network.

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